Yo yo yo yo yo!

We’re back!

Vancouver guy… our sole fan… YOU have inspired us to repost!

Biff and Lexi have undergone a pers0nality change… we are now reborn as… BUSY TUESDAY, an alternate personality with an interest in abstract art and fecundity.

We are also black.

Watch out for our next post. Be there, or be square.

Yours sincerely,

Busy Tuesday.


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Wedding cake: you’re on TRIAL!

Hola! Biff and I are BACK! And to celebrate, we slaved for HOURS, across two who days, on this white chocolate celebration cake (also known as wedding cake: the prototype). Well! Where to start? Check out the recipe here… it’s a recipe from Julie Goodwin, the first winner winner of Masterchef, and respected Fountain sauce spruiker. Girlfriend KNOWS her way around a stick of butter and a block of cooking chocolate, as this recipe attests to: it has 1.3 (that’s right, 1.3) KILOS of white chocolate in it, 400 grams of butter, and 500 grams of sugar! Needless to say, it is the last refuge of the fat shit. Check out our handiwork:

DSC03177 DSC03181

Well! We must say, we were pleasantly surprised at the overall taste of this cake. As we stirred the unpleasantly surprising cesspool of molten butter, chocolate, sugar and eggs, we had very grave fears for the success of our latest venture. Admittedly, we did not incorporate the flour with the chocolate mixture very well, resulting on an overly tough cake batter that really gave one’s shoulder a workout when it came time to cut the cake. His royal dootiness, Mr Biff, simply “guessed” at the required even temperature, which resulted in a slightly burned, crunchy cake (no nun has ever been this dry)… thankfully chocolate ganache hides all sins.

Have we mentioned the passionfruit!? It was super tasty, and not too crunetty in the cake… we usually have a pronounced loathing for passionfruit seeds, they are generally pointless and tedious, but these passionfruit seeds seemed to be not horrible and pointless (unlike this sentence). Zing!

All up, the verdict is that there is room for improvement, and we better get it right in time for Lexi and Ben’s wedding day, or ply all of the guests with excessive amounts of wine, so that the overall texture of the cake is not too jarring to their otherwise sensitive palates.

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Afternoon tea

Holy crap! 5 months since my last blog post! Whatever have I been doing with my time? I certainly haven’t been making anything super tasty, in fact I have actually succumbed to the lure of a tub of cookie dough, currently residing in our freezer. It’s awesome because it promotes the idea of “fresh, home baked wholesomeness”, without the hassle of actually having to do it. It’s not the cooking part that’s a problem, it’s the cleaning up part that is presenting a mental barrier.

Apart from being lazy, I have actually been doing stuff. Yesterday was my hens day/night, and my friends organised for us to go to afternoon tea at the Sofitel with family-types, as a dignified precursor to a less dignified, sangria fuelled evening at the pub later on. Gaaaaaah, just the mention of sangria right now makes my stomach shrink with horror… the hangover today as a result of many litres of booze made me certain that today was to be my last day to live. But, I digress. Afternoon tea was bitchen – lots of gorgeous little sandwiches that had been trimmed of their pesky little crusts, smoked salmon blinis (well, I’m personally not a fan, but it did seem terribly posh), scones with jam and cream, and above all, lots of gorgeous little cakes! Can I just say that I LOVE the way a set menu such as afternoon tea pretty much sanctions gross over indulgence? at this rate, I will totally get the gout (although something about gout makes me think it might be a thing that only men get… Is this just wishful thinking though?). Check out the tasty spread!


Shit photo, I know, but take note of the cake on the second tier from the top of the… tiered thing. This was just a delightful piece of awesome, crammed full of custardy delights, and layered with sponge cake. Imagine – a marriage of my passions for sponge and custard! However did they know?

And now, I must go to bed. I am patting myself on the back right now for a job well done in making a blog entry. Good for me.

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Chocolate fudgey biscuits: Semi Fail

I wanted to try some biscuits that my friend Ange had made.  She put the recipe up on her blog, Dishedup, and they looked so great.

Once again though, I have a biscuit fail – I just never leave enough space to allow them to spread! They kind of merged into one another and became a blob.


They weren’t a terrible failure, they actually taste great, and are beautifully fudgey and soft on the inside – very rich though, you won’t want more than one at a time.  The recipe says to use a tablespoon of mix for each one – I may have gotten carried away (I was getting tired and wanted to be finished), but would recommend using about a dessert spoon of mix for each biscuit – and allow lots of room for them to spread!

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Layered chocolate meringue

I will now attempt blogging in Haiku:

Lexi's birthday 005

Chocolate and sugar

in layered sweet abundance

I can eat no more

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I’m trying to get myself back into blogging by convincing myself it’s low fuss. So:

These are some scones I made.

They were good.

Waugh 002

I got the recipe here:


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It’s all Greek to me

For Easter we celebrated Greek style and had a few friends over for dinner.  It was a very fun night which ended in playing ‘The humming game’ (where you hum a song until the group guesses its title – a terrible game which you only resort to when there is nothing else to entertain your guests with, and you’re out of food to throw at them).

We started off with Domatokeftedes, which are basically little tomatoey balls of fried goodness. I got the recipe from the March issue of Gourmet Traveller.  Mine didn’t turn out quite like the picture in the magazine, but they were tasty.


Anything fried is of course going to be awesome, but the dipping sauce was what made it good.  Though it looks a bit murky here, the sauce was fresh and zesty with lemon, parsley, mint, garlic and olive oil.  I felt very authentic pounding it into submission in the mortar and pestle.

After that we moved onto individual spinach pies, which I made from Donna Hay’s ‘Seasons’ book – though I didn’t make it in the right season according to Donna.  If I ever disappear you know it will be because I’ve met Donna Hay and she’s glassed me for making spinach pies in Autumn.  They were yummy, basically just chopped spinach, mint, fetta, eggs and lemon zest.  I used filo pastry which was a bit time consuming but worth it.

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